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We simply want to make sure your event is attended by passionate beer drinkers who will enjoy your events and spread the word to their friends.

Beer Dinners

Beer dinners are a great way to attract passionate customers. However, reaching these customers can be tough. We help you plan better events by matching breweries and styles with the people in your area. We help you plan your events to be the most successful they can be.


Beer festivals can be overwhelming. Numerous breweries, hundreds of beers, constant updates and changes. For organizers festivals can be a logistics nightmare. Let us help you manage your beer list, get the word out to potential attendees and show you how we can save you time and money.

Tap Takeovers

Tap takeovers are one of the newest and best opportunities for beer events. Fill all your taps with beers from a single brewery and flood your doors with passionate customers who love the brewery. It’s a great opportunity to bring new customers into your door. Let us help you get the message out and people in the seats.

Beer Weeks

Beer weeks can spread hundreds of beer events across a city. Dozens of bars, hundreds of events, and special menus at each. We can not only help you organize these events, but also help you track the impact on local business and measuring the increase of passionate beer drinkers in your town.

Release Parties

Beer release parties are some of the most anticipated events in the industry, but tracking the release of and gaining access to those rare kegs and bottles can be extremely difficult. Let us help you attract the right customers and put you in touch with the right people to make sure you can get your hands on these rare brews.

Beer Tours

Beer tourism is quickly becoming a very large industry. There are numerous beer destinations which attract tourists from across the globe to visit the breweries, restaurants and other establishments in your town. Let us help you to identify the right groups of people to develop beer tours in your town.


Let us help you find

outstanding beer
more events
the restaurants
more breweries

that you’ll love

Check In

Rate and review your favorite brews. Find out what you’re missing. Link existing accounts.


Be the first to know about new beer events in your area and make sure you don’t miss a best beers when you’re there.


Know when the rare beers you love go on tap. Find the best new places for craft beer in your area.

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Follow your favorite breweries. Know when they start distribution to your area. Never miss their latest creation.

New Releases

Know when new beers are coming to your area so you don’t miss a chance to have your favorite or find a new one.


Get all this information and more pushed to your phone or email when you want it.

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